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Life of a Firefly by Sandra Brown-Lindstedt

"This book is every whit as powerful, as emotive, and as profoundly evocative and compelling as its more-famous classic cousin [To Kill A Mockingbird]. If Life of a Firefly is just a children’s book, then I must confess to one more guilty pleasure - reading classic literature disarmingly disguised as something meant for kids."
—Joel R. Dennstedt for Readers' Favorite
“I can’t even express how much I LOVED this book. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in the past decade”
—Ms. Allison, Editor with Book Editing Services
“This book needs to be in every elementary and middle school library in the US!”
—Megan B. Joseph: MHA
“Chapter seven is just hilarious!”
—Lyzette Wanzer: Creative Writing Instructor, Author, Coach
It's a great story and can go on and on!”
—Michelle Chester: Editorial Consultant ebm services

This is a perfect children's book, that's both fun and exciting and also loved by grown-ups. It's written for kids of all ages to build strong character and help boost self esteem. Girls as well as boys will see themselves in almost every situation that Sandy finds herself in, when she and her firefly go on amazing adventures that captures the imagination. As she continues on her incredible journey, each person she encounters teaches her another tough lesson about friendship and family.

This is a beautiful collection of moral stories that will remind children, no matter how bleak a situation may look, a little faith, or a firefly, can take them a long way. It also gives children of color a mirror of strong characters that look like them, and others a window to experience the African American community in a whole new way. This book is also based on the true life stories of it's author Sandra Lindstedt.